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Car Rigging With Steel Speed Rails

Car Rigging With Steel Speed Rails
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 Rigging cars has been a prevalent pastime since the early 1900s. As technology advanced, car rigging became much safer, allowing enthusiasts to perform stunts such as launching vehicles off ramps and bridges and performing barrel rolls inside race tracks. Today, most racers prefer using steel rails instead of wood planks due to the increased safety.

However, the problem with steel speed rails is that they cannot withstand the forces exerted by high speeds. This means steel speed rails may fail under extreme conditions, causing accidents.

How does one rig a car with steel speed rails?

Well, first, one would need to determine whether or not the track had any cracks. If there were cracks on the way, the user would need to remove the damaged sections beforehand. Then, a metal plate would be bolted onto each side of the vehicle.

Next, the user would attach the two plates, forming a U shape. Each part of the U shape would be attached to the steel rails using bolts.

Lastly, the car would be placed on top of the U-shaped frame, ensuring that the tires remain in contact with the rails. This method ensures that a vehicle remains stable during high-speed launches and takes advantage of the strength of steel. However, it isn’t easy to install, requiring significant skill. Therefore, it is unlikely that anyone except professional drivers would attempt to rig a car with these methods.

There are other methods used by professional drivers, however. For example, one driver uses a hydraulic jack to lift the front of his car, placing it directly underneath the rear axle. Another driver rigs his vehicle by lifting the back wheels and wedging them between the rails. Both of these methods provide more excellent stability than the previous technique but still require a fair amount of skill.

When using steel rails, there is always some question about whether it is safe or not. Many car owners want to rig their cars with steel speed rails for various reasons, especially those who want to make their cars look unique.  

Steel speed rails have been widely applied to car rims because of their robust structure and excellent appearance. The steel speed rails make the wheels appear larger and more beautiful, with perfect effect. Besides, the steel speed rails are also suitable for cars with smaller wheels.

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There are three main types of steel speed rails, namely:

  1. Straight type
  2. Curved type and,
  3. Hybrid type.

They differ in terms of dimensions, application scope, and installation method. Therefore, when choosing a suitable steel speed rail for your vehicle, you should consider its size, shape, and installation method.

5 Tips For Car Rigging With Steel Rail

Rigging cars with steel speed rails is an exciting sport. But with proper training, it is possible. Here are tips to help you rig your car.

  1. Choose the correct type of speed rail. There are two main types of speed rails available: metal and plastic. Metal rails are more robust than plastic ones but tend to bend easier. Don’t forget to factor in the cost of repair/replacement.
  2. Decide where you want the speed rail mounted. Speed rails come in three sizes: small, medium, and large. Small speed rails usually hold one wheel, while larger ones have two.
  3. Choose a mounting point. Mounting points vary depending on the size of the rail. For example, a smaller fence may require a plate that attaches directly to the tire’s rim, whereas a more extensive rail would require a clip. Another option is to mount the speed rail on top of the frame. This method works best for newer rigs.
  4. Find a place to attach the speed rail to the car. Depending on your speed rail, you may need to drill holes into the vehicle. Drilling holes isn’t challenging, but doing it correctly takes practice. Be sure to purchase a tool kit before beginning.
  5. Once you have everything together, attach the speed rail to your vehicle. Attaching the speed rail should be straightforward. Most manufacturers provide detailed instructions online.

Whether you rig your car or pay someone to do it for you, following these steps will ensure that your rig runs smoothly.

Safety Precautions to Observe When Rigging a Car With Steel Speed Rails

Steel rails should never be used when driving at high speeds. The risk of accidents increases significantly if you use steel rails while driving at high speeds. If you need to rig your car with steel rails, make sure that you follow the following safety precautions:

• Ensure that the vehicle is properly secured before starting to drive it. Keep the vehicle stationary until you are ready to start driving.

• Never try to steer the vehicle using the steel rails. Steering the vehicle by hand is much safer.

• Always wear protective gear when working near moving parts of the vehicle.

• Use only the best quality steel rails available. Check the condition of the steel rails before using them.


So what should you choose? If you’re going to buy steel wheels for your vehicle, then choosing between alloy, stainless steel, or carbon steel is up to personal preference. But remember that all three types of steel will withstand corrosion and maintain their strength. You may choose between different finishes depending on whether you prefer a glossy, matt or satin appearance.

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