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Audi Car Trunk Won’t Latch: Causes and Solution

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Your car has a trunk or boot compartment. This is where you put things like groceries, luggage, and other essential items. The crate should open or close quickly at your touch without having to press several buttons. If this isn’t happening, something might be wrong with your keyless entry system.

What to do if Your Car Trunk Won’t Latch

This problem has plagued car owners across the country since the early 2000s. While it may seem an annoying inconvenience, it is a real issue and one that you may face yourself.

So, what causes a trunk not to latch? There is no single answer. However, here are four common causes.

1. Cracked Bolt Cover

Cracking is caused by corrosion. Rust eats away metal, causing it to weaken. This makes the bolt cover weak and susceptible to cracking.

How often do you clean your vehicle? If you don’t wash off any deposits, rust will form. This can occur within hours.

Solution: Use a quality cleaner designed specifically for cleaning aluminum parts. Be sure to follow the directions carefully and rinse thoroughly after each application.

2. Loose Bolts

Loose bolts are another common cause of cracked bolt covers. They loosen over time due to vibration, moisture, temperature changes, and normal wear and tear.

Solution: Tighten loose bolts using the proper torque specifications. Check regularly and replace loosened bolts immediately.

3. Broken Springs

Broken springs are a significant contributor to a loose trunk lid. When the spring breaks, the mechanism becomes loose, and the cover doesn’t properly engage.

Solution: Replace broken springs immediately.

4. Improperly Installed Hardware

Improper installation of hardware can also lead to a malfunctioning trunk latch. Frequently, improperly installed screws prevent the latch from engaging correctly.

Solution: Make sure that all hardware is securely fastened to your vehicle.

Suppose your trunk won’t latch when opening or closing it. The problem could be in several places, such as the trunk release lever, trunk lock mechanism, or the trunk release switch itself. Find out where the problem lies by testing each area. You don’t want your car stuck in the garage because the trunk won’t open, either.

If you suspect something is wrong with your trunk, check these areas before calling a mechanic. They include the trunk release lever, the trunk latch/release handle, the trunk lock button, the trunk release switch, and the door latch itself.


Check the critical fob battery first. Make sure it has enough juice left to power the trunk opener. Next, test the trunk unlock button on the dash panel to see if it activates the trunk release handle. Check the trunk release lever to ensure it hasn’t become jammed.

Finally, try the door latch to confirm whether it’s working correctly. If none of these tests resolve the issue, call a professional auto repair shop to fix the problem.

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