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Car Rigging Swivel Clamps: Types And Tips for Installation

car rigging swivel clamps
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 Car rigging swivel claps can make installing a car rack or other accessories easier and safer. They come in various forms, sizes, and shapes, so consider these important features before purchasing them.

The swivelling clamp is crucial to securing a car rack onto your vehicle. Without it, you would have to drill holes into your vehicle’s body, which can harm it over time. In addition, some models provide additional benefits such as improved aerodynamics or better visibility.

Car rigging swivel clasps are essential tools that allow us to install car racks without drilling holes into our vehicles. Before buying, check out the size and shape of each model to ensure they fit correctly. Some models include an extra-large opening for easy installation. Others may be more compact and require a smaller hole to secure the accessory.

car rigging swivel clamps

Types of Car Rigging Swivel Clamps:

Three types of car rigging swivel clams are universal, have a locking mechanism, and have a single bolt.

1. Universal Clamp

Universal clamps are designed to work on any vehicle. These clamps do not need to be tightened by hand; instead, they tighten themselves when attached to the car. The advantage of this design is that there is no risk of loosening during use. However, if the clamp loosens, it will fall off easily. Universal clamps also offer a wide range of adjustment options. You can adjust the height of the clamp, the distance between the two parts, and the angle at which the clamp sits. This allows you to customize the position of the accessory.

2. Universal With Locking Mechanism 

If you want to lock the clamp down, universal clamps usually feature a locking mechanism. The clamp cannot move when locked, making it safe from accidental detachment. Some models even include a safety release button that automatically unlocks the clamp when you remove your hands from the handlebars.

3. Single Bolt

Single bolt clamps are similar to universal clamps but are made specifically for one vehicle. Single bolt clamps are ideal for cars like SUVs and trucks because they don’t interfere with wheel wells. They are also very stable and durable.

How To Install A Car Racking Clamp

Step 1: Remove The Old Clamp

Remove the old clamp from the vehicle by loosening the screws. It might be challenging to remove if the clamp has been installed for an extended period. You will need to use a screwdriver to loosen the bolts. Once the old clamp is removed, inspect the area where the new clamp will go. Make sure there are no obstructions that could prevent the new clamp from fitting correctly.

Step 2: Drill Holes Into Your Vehicle’s Body

Next, drill two small holes into the vehicle’s body using a hand-held drill. These holes should be placed at least 3 inches apart from one another. This allows the clamp to rotate freely when attached to the vehicle.

Step 3: Attach The New Clamp

Insert the new clamp into the holes you just drilled. Tighten the bolts with a wrench. It is recommended to tighten the bolts until they are snug but not too tight.

Step 4: Secure The Rack On Top Of The Clamp

Once the bolt is tightened, attach the car rack to the clamp. Use the included hardware to secure the shelf onto the top of the clamp.

 After you have completed it, you can now enjoy your newly installed car rack.

Factors to consider when purchasing a car rigging swivel clamps

Numerous types of car rigging swivels are available, and each has pros and cons. Here are the main factors that you must consider when purchasing these products.

1. Size

Size is another crucial consideration when buying a swivel clamp. This is because a larger size is usually heavier and, thus, easier to handle. However, smaller sizes are lighter and more flexible.

2. Shape

You must consider the shape before picking a suitable swivel clamp. Most of these devices come in circular shapes, whereas some are square-shaped. If you use a circular shape, ensure it is tight enough to avoid any slippage. On the other hand, if you want to use a square form, ensure that it does not slip off easily.

3. Type of Swivel Clamp

Swivel clamps are widely used to attach cars to trailers or trucks. They come in two primary styles, the fixed and adjustable styles. Fixed-style swivel clamps are generally cheaper and more versatile. Flexible swivel clams are usually better suited for heavy-duty applications since they allow for easy angle adjustment between the vehicle and trailer or truck.

4. Price

Price plays a significant role in determining whether you should purchase an item or not. Generally, the higher the product price, the better quality it tends to be. However, this relationship is not always genuine. Sometimes, low-priced items are of superior quality compared to those sold at high prices.

5. Durability

Durability refers to how long a product lasts without breaking down or wearing out. Since swivel clamps remain attached to vehicles for extended periods, they must be sturdy and durable.

6. Application

Application refers to the purpose of the product. Products designed to perform specific functions tend to cost more. For example, a tire carrier costs more than a standard swivel clamp because it is specifically made to hold tires rather than conventional wheels.

7. Compatibility

Compatibility refers to the ability of a product to fit into various platforms. For instance, a universal swivel clamp will work well on any vehicle regardless of its model.

8. Safety

Safety refers to the safety features built into a product. These include features such as LED lights, brakes, etc.

9. Features

Features refer to the number of things that a product offers. High-end products offer many unique features that are not found in similar products.


In conclusion, if you have any vehicle with four wheels, chances are you’ve been using car rigging swivel clumps. They’re handy little tools that allow you to connect two objects without needing a wrench quickly. But did you know that, like most things, there are better ways to use these devices than the way you’ve always done it? Thanks to the internet, you now know how to rig your car swivels instead of spending money buying a new one each time you want to fix something. 

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