How to Put a Jeep Wrangler in 4 Wheel Drive

How to Put a Jeep Wrangler in 4 Wheel Drive
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If you own a Jeep Wrangler and plan to keep it for a long time, you’ll eventually need to put it in 4 wheel drive. This is especially useful if you plan on driving your vehicle off-road. Putting your Jeep into 4 wheel drive using the steps below will improve handling in icy conditions and snow. Place the Jeep in neutral. You can’t engage 4 wheel drive unless the Jeep is in neutral.

Before you begin to learn how to put a Jeep Wrangler in 4 wheel drive, you will need to be aware of some important facts. First and foremost, you cannot engage four wheel drive unless your Jeep is in neutral. If the transmission is not disengaged when attempting to engage 4 wheel drive, you may cause damage to the transmission or other components of the vehicle. In order for this shift into four wheel drive mode to work correctly, it should be performed with transmissions that have automatic transmissions or manual transmissions with synchronized gears (which allows them to shift automatically).

Find the 4 wheel drive shifter, near your left foot area. If your 4 wheel drive shifter has a part-time or full-time options, then select the option you want to run on. Once you have selected the 4 wheel drive shifter, you can adjust the type of 4 wheel drive you want to run on. If your vehicle has part-time or full-time options, then select the one that best suits your driving needs.

Push the 4 wheel drive shift lever into 4 wheel drive mode and release. Your Jeep will not allow you to shift into 4 wheel if there is an issue with the vehicle, such as a tire is flat or if there is a broken shaft. To put your Jeep Wrangler in 4 wheel drive, you need to start with the vehicle’s parking brake on. Then, press and hold the button for at least three seconds until the indicator light turns on. Release the button and then push it again for another three seconds. This will put your Jeep in gear and ready for use.

The four-wheel drive shift lever should be kept in “4×4 Auto” unless you are using a specific type of four-wheel drive; if you do not know what type of four-wheel drive mode you’re using, leave it alone! If your vehicle has an electronic transfer case, then there may also be an electronic shift indicator display on which you can set its position manually with controls located behind each door handle or by using buttons on some models’ dashboards (the exact location varies depending on make/model). In this case, simply select “4H” or “4L” according to instructions provided by manufacturer instructions found within owner’s manual provided by manufacturer when purchased new originally from dealership where purchased new originally from dealership where purchased new originally from dealer.

Shifting your Jeep into 4 wheel drive will improve handling in icy conditions and snow. If you want to drive in the snow, mud and sand, you need a vehicle that can handle it. You may not be able to change the terrain, but you can change how your vehicle responds to it. Shifting into 4WD mode will improve traction when needed and also give you added control over your vehicle.

In most cases, shifting into 4WD is as easy as pushing two buttons – one on each side of the steering wheel under your thumb – while moving forward at an idle speed. It may take some practice before you feel comfortable doing this in real-world situations; but once mastered, shifting into four-wheel drive mode will help keep your Jeep Wrangler on its wheels when traversing difficult terrains such as snow or ice covered roads where there is limited traction available for all wheels (sometimes referred to as “all wheel slip”).


Hopefully this guide helped you understand how to shift your Jeep into 4 wheel drive. While it’s a relatively simple process, there are many things that can go wrong or prevent your vehicle from shifting into 4 wheel drive. If you find yourself unable to shift into 4 wheel drive, check the tire pressure in all four tires and make sure they are inflated properly. Additionally, if a tire is flat, or there is an issue with one of the tires then you will also have issues shifting into 4 wheel.

Safety measure of putting jeep wrangler on a jeep

Jeep Wrangler is one of the most iconic and beloved vehicles ever made. It’s a car that people love and respect, but it’s also a little bit dangerous to drive. The soft top isn’t really meant for off-roading and can get ripped off easily if you’re not careful, or even if you do want to be careful. Also, without a roll cage or any kind of structure in place it can be difficult for passengers to survive in an accident (even small ones).

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To make sure that your Jeep Wrangler is safe enough for even the most hair-raising adventures, here are some things you should do:

Buy a roll cage and install it yourself! This should take about three hours tops if you have someone helping out with measurements and installation hardware; otherwise expect another six hours due to how difficult this task can seem at first glance.* Buy some seatbelts for all seats except driver’s seat so that everyone else stays put when driving around off-road terrain.* Make sure there are no sharp edges anywhere near where passengers would sit because these could cause serious injuries during an emergency situation such as sudden braking or hitting something unexpectedly hard.* Make sure all doors lock securely because losing power locks on this type of vehicle could lead into serious trouble when trying to escape from robbery attempts or other crimes happening on roadways nearby…

First of all, you need to put on a helmet when you go for jeep wranglar. There is no doubt that it is a must-have safety measure for enjoying this activity. In fact, according to the law in many states, every driver must wear a helmet when riding motorbikes or quad bikes. Even if you do not have any laws regarding this particular requirement, your own common sense should tell you that it’s just a good idea!

If your child has been given permission by their parents to participate in jeep wranglar then make sure they are wearing protective clothing as well as having goggles or glasses on their face at all times while they ride around on the quad bikes. Read Also : How to Fix a Steering Wheel

When choosing these types of clothing items it’s important not only to find ones which fit comfortably but also ones which provide adequate protection against any potential injuries such as cuts and scratches caused by branches or other sharp objects which may be found near where these activities take place


This is a good review of the pros and cons of jeep wranglar. It did not address the issues I have with them, but those are minor. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a safe vehicle that isn’t too expensive.

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