7 Tips to Reduce Fuel Consumption

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Today i am going to tell us seven ways to reduce fuel consumption in our car. It actually worthwhile because a lot of persons spent thousands dollars per annual in fuel. This great loss does not contribute to the economical growth of our families. Therefore, here are 7 tips concerning how you drive ,and what to do to save fuel or money. Find below the seven tips to reduce fuel consumption in a car.

  • You don’t accelerate so hard. The hard you accelerate, the high rate of fuel being push to the combustion chamber. Thereby consuming more fuel. It is interesting to know that such hard acceleration does not contribute to an instant speed.
  • Use of car A.C. Using air conditioner can take more fuel. Research shows that a.c while on takes 20% of fuel base on the engine capacity.
  • Planning. The best way to reduce the fuel consumption is to embark on a plan movement. Avoid careless movement. If you only need to travel a few blocks, consider walking or even riding a bicycle. Not only will you save money at the pump, the exercise will certainly do you some good.
  • Make sure fuel cover is properly closed. Failure to do this could cause evaporation leading to fuel wastage. 147 million gallons of gas were lost last year due to evaporation. Why did it evaporate? The gas cap was not on tight. So just make sure it is tight, and it will enable you to keep all the gas you pay for.
  • Avoid wasting. When you need to drive your car, make sure you avoid wasting whenever possible. So if you’re driving your car and for any reason you’re not moving for more than a minutes please switch off the engine. However, only do this when it is safe to do so.
  • Windows down causes force attraction. The window of a car being open can attract air thereby causing aerodynamic. In this case the vehicle would not achieve the required velocity especially on a high speed. However, at higher speeds, you should keep the windows up order to reduce drag and improve fuel consumption.
  • Make sure of a clean air filters. Dirty air filters can cause your car’s engine to work much harder than it has to and always results in poor fuel economy. A clean air filter allows your engine to perform more efficiently and also helps you save money.

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