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Top Secrets About Car Door Lock

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There are secrets about car door lock which so many car owners today do not know. However ignorance of this secrets have cost a lot of car owners dearly. We invest a lot of time and money in our cars as well as in their maintenance. And as such there will be need for serious measures to ensure that your car is well locked and protected.  And the more expensive the vehicles are, the more chances they attract the eyes of robbers.  Then if you are not careful they will end up being stolen from some parking lot or even someone’s driveway. What is more, the fact that car theft is on the rise is not the only thing vehicle owners should worry about. An even bigger problem is that nowadays, car thieves use hi-tech and non-invasive techniques that make it very easy to slip under the radar and escape unnoticed. It is therefore important to take extra security measures to properly protect your vehicle against criminals. Every time you park the car, your number one priority should thus be its safety, especially during the night. To avoid unnecessary stress and loss of property worth of much money and the trauma, let’s take a look at our top secrets about car door lock tips that will help you properly protect your car and minimize your chances of ever becoming an undeserving victim of car theft. As it were, we will like to discuss types of car door lock.

The type of car door lock you have depends on a number of factors, including how old the car is, what features are even available for your make and model, and your personal preference. Newer models come equipped with more advanced security features that work to protect you and your belongings from potential car burglars. Each type of lock has benefits and drawbacks that you should consider before committing to any one direction. The following guide goes over the potential options for your car door locks. This guide will help expose you to some special qualities to car door locks. Therefore, we are going to mention them and give their various functions.

  1. Standard Key
  2. Electronic Door Lock
  3. Keyless

Standard Key

The standard key for car door locks is one of the most common key that people often use today. The most basic of car door lock is still around, especially in older models. It involves a standard lock opened and closed with a key. These locks are still solid choices for most situations, however, they cannot be used to compare to the new complex and confiscated security car door. Autoremedy365 had discovered deficiency on the standard key and therefore suggest that it can be use but do not have maximum security measures. They are, however, not expensive to fix or change when compared to other options. It can easily be seen online for purchase, for the purpose of changing in case the old one gets bad.

Electronic Door Lock

It is obvious to know that the most new model cars come equipped with electronic security locks. They work with an electronic key that can operate the locks at a push of a button. You don’t have to insert your key. These are much more efficient than the standard key lock and also make the car more difficult to break into. With an electronic key lock, however, replacement keys are much more expensive, as they have to be coded for your exact car. Additionally, because of how sensitive and high level of concentration with technical no-how the replacement is not commonly seen.

Keyless Entry

These types of door locks eliminate the need for a key altogether. They work with a keypad that is attached to the door or a key fob that detects the lock and operates it based on your needs. The fob option is especially present in the newest car models, while the keypad is a little older. These types of key and lock combos can be especially handy, as it is very difficult to break into a car equipped with these locks. There are even lock systems that do not allow the car to start without the key fob being within several feet of the vehicle. The drawback for this style relates to cost, as replacements are very high price.

The added security can be worth it, however, to keep you and your possessions safe and sound. The car door lock has evolved drastically over the years and continues to evolve as newer cars are made available. The options available are all unique and you should be able to find one that meets your personal requirements with little trouble. Factors to consider are cost, reliability, and preference. You must also consider where you live and how you store your car overnight. No matter which you choose, Autoremedy365 can help with any trouble you have and get your locks operating at maximum potential price.

Having known some of the secrets in car door locks, we want to talk about some secrets about safe guiding your car. Getting a high security car door locks is another thing yet another knows the secrets that would not expose your car to burglars. These are some of the factors we will consider.

  1. Safety Lock

This may seem obvious, but numerous car thefts happen as a result of unlocked car doors. Therefore, it is crucial to lock your car even if you need to make a short stop in front of a grocery store. What is even more worrying, however, is the fact that many car owners even leave the car keys in the ignition once they park their car. Sometimes the happiness of safe arrival makes them forget the key at the ignition, which makes the process of stealing the car very easy. The vehicle should remain locked even if it is parked in a seemingly friendly, low-crime neighborhood as there might as well be thieves taking advantage of your trust, waiting for the best opportunity to steal your pride and joy. It is also highly recommendable to manually check the car door handles every time you lock the car, even if you hear the lock sound. This manual check is very important because if the car door lock is bad it could make closing noise and will not lock. This helps recognize and prevent a possible jamming attack, which can actually be performed on any car with a wireless key fob, and works by disrupting communication between the car key fob and the receiver inside the car.

As important as it is to lock your car’s door, it is equally important to keep the sunroof as well as windows fully closed. While keeping your windows slightly open might be a good idea for to enter your car when it is parked, and this helps the expired glass not crack or shatter. This same window being lightly open can greatly increase the chance of your car door lock being tempered with or being broken and finally the car stolen.

  1. Park in a Secured Area

The best way to keep your vehicle secured is by parking it in a garage. Especially during the night when the streets are dark and empty, which gives thieves the opportunity to perform break-ins without being detected. As a convenient bonus, indoor parking will even keep your car safe from any potential weather-related damage, such as hail or falling branches. In case you do not have any other option but to leave your car on the street, make sure to park it in a well-lit, high-traffic area, preferably close to some public place. This is a great car security strategy as people passing by will easily identify any theft attempt and it is more likely that someone among them will also report it to the police. Another secure place where you can park your car is in a street or close that has security personnel at work.

It is not safe to park your car in a lonely place where people could be hardly seen. It is also important that you don’t leave your vehicle far away from your home and in a dark, isolated area; where thieves might take advantage of this and specifically target your car in their next theft attempt. They will be able to tamper with the locks uninterrupted and drive the vehicle away unnoticed. Don’t park your car in a place where you cannot ascertain the safety of your car. If you eventually park your car in an unsafe place try don’t park the car and face road, we mean parking in such a way where driving out can be easy. If you park and face road you are giving the car burglars easy access to move your car away.

  1. Install a Steering Wheel Lock

The steering wheel lock is one of the simplest theft preventive systems and it is very affordable. Is also a fairly accessible car security measure, at least if one is after a more basic model. However, the more you are willing to pay, the more quality and advanced features you usually get. As the steering wheel lock fits directly on the steering wheel, it prevents its movement and therefore the possibility of car theft. Steering wheel locks also come brightly colored and can be visible from the outside of the vehicle. This way, they can easily discourage burglars and car thieves from breaking into the vehicle, making it a lot more convenient to look for an easier target and leave your vehicle alone.

Many modern-day car thieves are experts in hi-tech car theft methods, such as RF jamming or smart key relay attack that can be performed from a distance and do not require any special tools to get into the car. As they are specifically focused on a car’s electronic system, they usually do not carry any heavy equipment that they could use to remove the steering wheel lock by force and drive the vehicle away.

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  1. Hide Your Valuables

It is important that you don’t expose your car to thieves even if your car door locks are so confiscated. Sometime, when thieves get to such car and they discover they cannot penetrate to achieve their aim, they angrily damage the vehicle. Therefore, leaving your cell phone, sunglasses, laptop, wallet, handbag or even expensive tools and equipment on a car visible to passer-by  or car’s dashboard is not only a magnet for experienced car thieves but is also bound to attract occasional small-time criminals who happen to pass by and see valuable items on display. Such cars may even have a higher chance of being stolen. While there are thieves looking specifically for any valuables inside the vehicle, others will naturally also consider taking the whole vehicle.

Whenever you park the car, it is, therefore, crucial to take anything of value with you. If you are away from home and unable to take everything with you, make sure to at least lock valuable items in the trunk or keep them in a place that is not that easy to spot when passing by the car, such as underneath the car seats or in some hidden compartments and drawers.

  1. GPS Car Tracker

GPS car tracker is one of the important options a car owner can solicit for when it comes to car security. It is important to consider the above-mentioned precautions to prevent any potential car theft, especially if you live in a sketchy neighbourhood with a high crime rate.  However, the best way to truly secure a car is by installing a GPS car tracker. This system usually combines a GPS car tracking system and the alarm feature that is set off if someone is trying to break into the car or tow it away.

Modern-day GPS car trackers are also equipped with an advanced mobile notification system that provides real-time notifications in the event of any vibrations detected on a vehicle. Such tracking systems usually consist of the 2 main components – the OBD unit that simply plugs into the OBD number 2 port, and the phone app that provides real-time information. The GPS car tracking systems commonly work via the mobile network and therefore use their own GPS as well as a GSM network. With the above information, we have carefully known the secrets of car door locks.


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