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Tips on What Kill a Car And its Remedy

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Tips on what kill a car and its remedy is a matter of serious concern to a car owner. It is obvious that no one will want his or her car to be deteriorating or get bad. And no one will also want his car to be parked for a long time for normal circumstances as it were. However, some cars are parked deliberately for a long time while some are not. And it has been discovered that some of the owners of these cars do not know the implication or the effect of this on their car. We will like to use this opportunity to disclose to you how long times parking of car kill your hard earn money.

Long Time Parking

Car can generally be brought to nothing when it is being parked for a long time. And the value of the car would be brought to nothing, and the car wouldn’t even be recognized. In general sense, they often turn out to be the most problematic car when you eventually remembered it to be used. Parking of car is actually abuse; seals dry out and start to leak; gas gets stale and turns to varnish. Let take a look at other factors.



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The battery acid and cell would be dead. Oxidization will take place. This is because the car is not in use which will bring about maintenance. Thereby retain the livelihood of the battery.

Tire Warn Out

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The UV exposure can render tires warn out as a result of long parking and no maintenance. The tires of the parked car get flat spots and warn out. Read more: Symptoms of Bad Tires

Contamination of Fuel

The fuel will become contaminated. Several types of contamination are possible among which most are due to soot, water, glycol and weakening of fuel. Any of these when reacted with fuel results in the formation of a liquid which ends up destroying the engine.


This will also cause water or wetness to contaminate the engine lubricant, and speed up the oxidization process, which will deteriorate the engine life quickly. If you live in a high-precipitation area or have left your vehicle sitting in a wet place, any time you want to bring the car to use you spend some good amount of money. Remember this humidity will also pose stickiness which will make the clutch and gear to stick. In this scenario you find it very hard to engage gear. Most times it does not engage. Any time you want to drive the car, you need to spend good money to have it serviced, especially if you hear a knocking sound from the engine. Cars that are used and maintained on a regular basis, on the other hand, are often on a good condition.

Pests Damage

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Long time parking of car brings about pests damages in a car. The most destructive pests has four teeth and a naked tail — rats and mice, the same rodents that wiped out half the population of Europe by carrying Bubonic plague, can really mess with your classic car. They chew upholstery and insulation to make nests (in which they pee, poop and reproduce, not necessarily in that order), and worst of all, they chew the wires and get it damaged. All of these damages are as a result of long time parking.

Paints Fading

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In reality, long time parking of car kills every car. That would make the car staying long without a wash which will lead to buildup of damaging chemicals and dirt; thereby increasing the potential for rust from interferes with proper condition of the car.

Remedy for a long Parked car

Having seen the negative effect of parking a car for so long, we now want to tell you the remedy or things you must do so that you will not kill your car irrespective of the long time parking. The following are the things you must not fail to do so that you do not kill your car.

Park in a Conducive Place

Ultra Violet (UV) exposure to a car damages car and make the paint fade away. Therefore, the car should be parked away from ultra violet ray. This would enable you have your car body paint in order. Parking your car in a conducive place also help your car tire last and not warn out. Additionally, moving the car within 20 to 25 meters tro and fro helps the tire not to warn out.


The battery acid and its cell become dead because of no charging of the battery. As it were, the oxidization will take place on the battery. To avoid all of these, you need to start the car and warm it for 15 to 20 minutes every two to three days. By so doing the alternator would charge the battery and it would be sound to use any day any time.


Humidity which usually imposes stickiness on clutch and gear will thereby make it very hard to engage gear or to disengage gear. Any time you want to drive the car, you need to spend good money to have it serviced, especially if you hear a knocking sound from the engine. To avoid these, you move the car within 20 to 25 meters tro and fro every two to three days. This will actually help the gear and engine not to die. Read more: Common Mistake That Can Blow Off Car Brain Box


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