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Tips on How to find Lost Remote Car key

Tips on How to find Lost Remote Car key
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Tips on How to find Lost Remote Car key; so, you’ve lost your remote car key. It’s the worst feeling in the world. You’re sitting there wondering how that could have happened and what you can do about it. Luckily for you, there are a few things that might be able to help you out of your predicament! If your remote car key gets lost, you need to take the right steps in order to avoid being stranded or having to pay a fortune for a tow truck. There are several things you can do on your own and others that you may need a professional for.

Look for it

If you can’t find your remote car key, search for it in the following locations:

  • The car. Look around the driver’s seat and center console. If you have an automatic transmission, check under the shift lever or gearshift knob. Also check in compartments where you might keep other items such as a phone charger or sunglasses case.
  • Your home. Check inside drawers and closets where you store keys on a regular basis, such as on an end table near your door or desk at work (if applicable).
  • Your pockets/purse/bag(s). If you have someplace else specific to keep your car keys when you’re out walking around town, say, in a separate pocket of your purse, check there first before assuming they’re lost and moving on to other places like cars or offices! And if there are multiple people who might be driving this vehicle (spouses?), then remember that their belongings need checking too!

Contact the dealer

If your car is under warranty, and you have a remote keyless entry system installed in your car, dealers may be able to help. They can provide a new remote and/or key if yours is lost.

However, if you are not under warranty and do not have an aftermarket remote starter installed in your vehicle, dealers will not sell or program a new remote for you. In this case, it might be better for you to contact the dealer directly where the last service was performed on your vehicle instead of going through a third party such as CarMax or through their website as they may offer different products than other nearby locations.

Look for the duplicate key

When you lose your car keys, the first thing you should do is look around where you’re standing. If it’s not there, then look around inside your house (if you live in an apartment, this may mean going to the leasing office).

If your key wasn’t found, then start looking for the duplicate key. The “duplicate” car key will have the same color and buttons as your original remote control fob. It could be at home or inside of another vehicle that has a similar make and model as yours. If no one else has access to a spare remote control fob for your vehicle, check with local dealerships to see if they could make one for you.

Check the car warranty

If the car is still under warranty, you will be able to get a replacement key free of charge. The cost of replacing the entire lock will depend on the model of your vehicle and where you have it replaced.

In some cases, it may not be worth paying for a new ignition because your old one can be repaired with a few simple tools and supplies. If you try this method first, then if it doesn’t work out, at least there won’t be much damage done!

Check the glove box or owner’s manual for spare keys

If you’ve lost your car keys, the first place to check is probably in the glove box. If they’re not there, move on to the owner’s manual. If that doesn’t work, check the key tag or emergency kit. You may also have a spare set of keys tucked away in another compartment:

  • Glove box
  • Owner’s manual (or “booklet”)
  • Car key tag
  • Emergency kit/first aid kit (may contain a spare set of car keys)
  • Spare tire compartment

Deactivate or replace your remote key

If you have lost your car key, the first thing that you should do is to contact a locksmith or a dealer. They will be able to provide you with the correct key code for your remote car key. If the remote key battery is dead, you can replace it by buying a new one from an automobile parts store or from an auto repair shop. You may also want to consider replacing your old remote car keys with new ones that have built-in transponders so that they are easier for others to read and decode when trying to open or start up your vehicle’s engine.

If none of these options work for you and you cannot find any other way out of this situation then all hope is not lost because there are still some other ways through which one can get rid of their problem without having any trouble at all as well as being able to avoid any unnecessary costs as well which could otherwise lead them into financial difficulties if they were not careful enough while making decisions like this one time too many times over again without doing so properly beforehand instead!

call 911, call roadside assistance and wait for a tow truck.

If you are unable to find your car key, call 911. Emergency services will come to your location and look for your vehicle.

If you have an extra remote or spare key, then call roadside assistance to have them bring it to you.

If you don’t have an extra remote or spare key, then call a locksmith service or use their website to find one nearest where the car is located.


If you’re still having trouble locating your lost key, you can always call the dealer or a locksmith to help with any of these options. Everyone has had the experience of losing their keys at some point in their life. Sometimes it’s just a minor inconvenience, but other times it can be an absolute nightmare. Fortunately, with some persistence and patience, you can usually find them again without too much trouble. If all else fails, though, there are options that will allow you get back into your car without having to call for help or pay for expensive replacements like new remote car key or locksmith service fees.

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