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Seven Symptoms of Bad Shock Absorber

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Seven symptoms of bad shock absorber

Do you know that bad shock absorber can disfigure the shape of your car? Some car you see look like an accident car, because of bad shock absorber. Bad shock absorbers will make you loss the comfort of your car. A shock absorber’s purpose and design is to help keep the tires firm on the ground and on the bumpy roads. Various things can go wrong with a shock absorber so we are here to help you determine what the symptoms are. The following are the symptoms of bad shock absorbers.

1. Vibrations while driving

The reason why you feel vibration while you are driving is because the piston seal inside the shock is wearing out then not sitting properly, thereby allowing fluid to flow uncontrollable through the piston seal and then allowing every tiny bump in the road to cause an overreaction to the driver and passenger(s).

2. Swerving or nose while braking

When the piston seal inside the shock is wearing out then the fluid flows uncontrolled and even the slightest steering wheel movement or the slightest brake application by the driver allows extreme movement of the piston within the cylinder. This could cause swerve. And when you brake, there will be noise, when you enter a bad road you experience some noise..

3. Brakes take more time to stop the car

Another thing you experience in addition to nose is that when driving apply the brakes, it takes extra time for the vehicle to take up all the piston rod length if uncontrolled and this adds time and extends the stopping distance required to come to a complete stop.

4. Uneven tire wear

A bad shock is unable to keep the tire firmly on the road surface. This causes a slight bounce as the vehicle moves over the road surface. The part of the tire that is in contact with the road will wear but the part of the tire that is not in contact with the road will not. As the tire rotates this contact area constantly it changes with road speed, frequency of bounces.

5. Leaking fluid

Fluid Leakage is another symptom of bad shock absorbers. Sometimes the seals surrounding the shaft extending from the body of the shock will begin to leak and this  will run down the side of the shock towards the ground. The loss of fluid will cause a loss in the ability of the shock to perform its function as there will be less and less fluid in the chamber to work with.

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6. Cracked bushing at attachment points

The shock has points at each end that allow it to be bolted to the vehicle. These attachment points have rubber bushings and if those rubber bushings crack or break out then there will be a problem while driving on a bumps. And this will make the driver fill the car like a scrap every little bumps and gallops are felt by driver and passenger..

7. Bad shape

Vehicle does not sit level on the ground. The place where the bad shock is in the car usually look like a human who has dislocation at his hand or leg. Sometimes It look like a car that has accident. The front will not be in alignment with the back of the car.


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