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Major Causes of Engine over heat And What You Must Do

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Have you find out why your car over heat, causing you inconvenience or delay in arriving your appointment on time? Today we shall be considering major causes of engine overheat and what you must do.

1. Dirty and Leakage Radiator

Dirty Radiator can seriously cause engine over heat. If the Radiator is leaking water, the tendency for water to finish in the radiator is there. Thereby causing over heat to the engine. If you suspect a leak, or have had to add coolant to the reservoir don’t wait to get it checked. A small leak can quickly turn in to an expensive repair and a serious headache.


2. Bad Thermostat

If your thermostat is bad it will be very difficult for the valve in the cooling system that ensures the coolant able to pass through to the radiator when necessary. When the thermostat gets stuck in the closed position, coolant can no longer pass through and becomes overheated in the engine. At this point you begin to see your temperature rise.

3. Worn Out or Leaking Hoses

Hoses with cracks, leakage or even holes will discomfort engine and will disrupt the coolant’s flow. Your water pump can’t circulate coolant that’s not there due to it having leaked out from one of the hoses! Worn out and bad hoses should be replaced because hoses play very important role in cooling engine. Water pump pumps water through these hoses.

6. Bad Radiator Fan

A bad fan will not produce enough air to cool the engine. It can work at a time and stop in another time. Your radiator fan pulls air across the radiator to help reduce the coolant’s temperature but a worn fan clutch or broken fan motor can’t help to reduce the temperature and will lead to overheating.

7. Loose or Broken Belts

If a belt is loose or broken, specifically the water pump belt, it cannot help maintain the correct volume of coolant flow and can lead to overheating. It will also make your steering so had.

What you must do

When you experience that your Engine had overheat, the following things you must do

1. Alight the car in a safe place and open the bonnet.

2. Allow the Engine to cool down. Failure to allow it cool down before you open it can cause you disaster or face burnt.

3. Open the Radiator and apply water.

4. Check if the fan is working effectively, by turning on the ignition.

5. Check whether the water pump is pumping, by starting your car. Open the Radiator cover on the surface of the mouth you will see bobble showing is pumping.

6. Check whether Radiator is leaking by observing the body for water. If it is leaking there is a particular gum for it and is not a big deal. Check for dirty. Watch out the colour of the water in the Radiator. If it is rusty, please send it for steam flush.

7. Check for bad Hoses. By using your hand to fill it whether it is so soft or leaking .If it is soft and is leaking water please replace it.

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