Is Lexus Made By Toyota

Is Lexus Made By Toyota
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Lexus, Toyota’s luxury car brand, was created in the late 1980s. Is Lexus owned by Toyota? Yes! Here’s how the luxury brand came to be.

In the early 1980s, Toyota realized its vehicles were not well-regarded in the luxury car market. At the time, it had been making well-received compact and midsize cars such as the Toyota Corolla and Toyota Celica, but was having a hard time competing with European makers like Mercedes-Benz and BMW at the high end.

Toyota decided that if it wanted to entice buyers who could afford more expensive German or British sedans, then it would need to design a vehicle that featured all of those attributes but also distinctly embodied Japanese quality standards.

The idea was to create an entirely new brand that would be targeted at North American consumers and compete on quality. Toyota designers looked to historic European car companies for inspiration, and early models used names like LS 400, SC 400, and GS 400. The name “Lexus” was chosen after being tested more than 200 names and 10 months of market research.

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Today, Lexus has become one of the most successful luxury automaker brands in America. It’s routinely ranked as one of Consumer Report’s top-rated brands with complete offerings in virtually every luxury segment.

Lexus is also one of Toyota’s most profitable brands, generating over $7 billion annually since 2013. This is thanks to Lexus being able to serve a wide range of customers by producing vehicles at various price points that are still high enough quality for consumers who want an upscale experience without paying premium prices for their cars and trucks.

Lexus is owned by Toyota.

Toyota owns Lexus. That’s right—Toyota, the company that has been making cars and trucks since 1937, also makes your luxury car.

In fact, Toyota is the parent company for both brands: Lexus was created in 1989 as a separate model line within Toyota’s automotive division; it does not sell any other vehicles under its own nameplate.


Now you know the answer to the question, “Is Lexus made by Toyota?” as well as some of the history behind this luxury brand. The next time someone asks you this same question, you can bring up more than just a simple yes or no. While some like to separate their perception of Lexus from Toyota, there is no denying that both are integral parts of each other’s success.

   Is Lexus a Strong and Good Car?

When Toyota decided to create a luxury vehicle in the 1980s, it turned to its engineers for help. Generally speaking, that was an excellent move—the Lexus ES was initially shaped by the same people who’d created Toyota’s best cars. However, the ES has come a long way since those initial models hit American roads in 1989. While the early days of Lexus were marked by engineering and design flaws that earned their cars some terrible reputations, later models are remarkably reliable vehicles with high resale values and low repair costs.

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The Lexus history is long and eventful, to say the least.

Lexus has a long and eventful history. It is not just a car, but an automobile brand that has been around since 1989. Lexus became the official luxury division of Toyota Motor Corporation in 1982 and was originally meant to be used as a separate marketing division for their luxury models manufactured by them from 1968 onwards. Lexus cars are known for their reliability, comfort and safety features along with high-quality interiors and exclusive design options available at affordable prices.

The first ever model introduced by this brand was LS400 which came out in 1989 with 4 wheel drive capabilities along with V8 engines ranging between 3 liters in size up to 5 liters (3000 cc) capacity engine offering 250 horsepower per unit under its hoods! The LS 400 series was followed by ES250 model launched shortly after it which came with 2 doors instead of 4 while still offering similar features like automatic transmission system along with power windows but using smaller capacity engines than that found on its predecessor model – namely 1 liter (1000 cc) engine units offering 120 horsepower per unit under its hoods rather than 150 horsepower per unit found on earlier models mentioned above!

The history of the Lexus ES

The first-generation ES began life as a rear-wheel drive sedan in 1991. It was then sold to Toyota Motor Corporation, who rebranded it as a Lexus and later began producing models with all-wheel drive. While the second generation of this car had its own unique styling, it still kept many recognizable design elements from its predecessor — including its namesake: “ES.” This name comes from the fact that these cars were designed to be Exciting Sedans — an idea that has continued over time into more recent models. Lexus is a strong and good car


The ES is a vehicle for people who want to get some luxury without paying an arm and a leg. It has many features that are great for safety, convenience, and comfort. The only thing it lacks is really good gas mileage.

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