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How Long Does A Car Tracker Battery Last?

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The durability test of a car tracker battery is one of the most important things to check out in a particular product before attempting to purchase it. Everyone wants the battery f their car tracker to last long. In this article, you will know precisely how long your car tracker battery can last from the day of installation and stay focused as you read through.

How long does a Car tracker battery last?

A car tracker battery is the most critical part of the device as it supports its functions. The first question is, “How long does a car tracker battery last?” The answer is premium Car trackers come with batteries that last up to 3 years, while non-premium car trackers are usually between five and ten days on average on a single charge.

Car trackers are more likely than other types of devices such as smoke detectors or nightlights to charge at least once every few weeks to operate effectively. This is ideal for those who need a long-term solution and don’t want to worry about their device running out of power. You can choose a car tracker model with a longer-lasting battery, find an alternative power source for your device, or reduce the amount of time your car tracker is on.

What makes the battery of a car tracker weak?

There are a few reasons why the battery of a car tracker might be weak. One reason is that the battery might not be getting enough charge. This can happen if the tracker is not placed strategically where it can get good reception from the GPS satellites.

Another possibility is that the battery might be old and need to be replaced.

Six factors that weaken your car tracker battery life and solution

GPS trackers are becoming increasingly popular, but people often don’t think about their usage’s effect on the device’s battery life. Several factors can negatively impact your car tracker battery life, leading to the weak and short lifespan of the battery. Here are 11 of them:

1. Mobile network signal strength – The weaker the signal, the faster the battery will drain.

2. High temperature – Avoid sudden temperature changesSudden temperature changes can affect GPS battery life by causing fluctuations in voltage.

3. Device update – Updating your software can improve your GPS performance and save power.

4. High-powered activities – Gaming and watching videos can quickly drain your GPS battery life.

5. Exposure to moisture – Exposing your device to water can damage its circuitry and reduce battery life.

6. Leaving your care tracker on always – Leaving your GPS on drains battery life even if it’s not being used.

How to significantly extend the battery life of your car tracker

You can do a few different things to extend your car tracker’s battery life. If you’re not interested in changing your car tracker’s batteries regularly, you could hardwire it into your vehicle’s electrical system. This will provide a steady stream of power and ensure you never have to worry about the battery running out. Alternatively, if you only need a short-term solution, devices available have shorter battery lives but are more manageable. These trackers usually need to be charged every few days (1-10 days) or weeks, making them easier to keep track of and less likely to run out of power unexpectedly.

Which battery type is ideal for car trackers?

Car trackers use 3 different types of batteries: Duracell, Lenmar, and Energizer. Duracell is a brand of rechargeable batteries that are easily accessible and replaceable. Lenmar is a battery type that uses very little power from the car’s battery when the engine is running, which makes it ideal for car trackers. Overall, Energizer constantly makes standard alkaline batteries, which may not last as long as other types but are easy to find in stores.

11 Tips to extend the battery life of your car tracker

There are many ways to extend the battery life of your car tracker. By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your device stays powered up for as long as possible:

1. Enable battery-saving mode on your tracker. This will help conserve power and extend the life of your battery.

2. Keep your tracker up to date with the latest software updates. These updates often include optimizations that improve battery performance.

3. Use LIVE Tracking sparingly when indoors or in areas with weak GPS signals. Constant use of this feature can quickly drain your battery power.

4. Avoid using geofencing unless necessary. Geofencing requires a lot of power to monitor location changes constantly.

5. Use a power adapter whenever possible – Charging your device using a power adapter will consume less energy than charging it through your computer or laptop.

6. Turn off notifications whenever possible.

7. Reduce screen brightness setting.

8. Disable/turn off your Wi-Fi when not in use

9. Disable cellular data when not needed.

10 Choose an appropriate location for charging – If you need to set your device while you’re working, try to find an area where it won’t be in direct sunlight or close to other electronic devices that generate heat.

11. Use an external battery: If you don’t have access to a power outlet when your car’s battery is running low, you can use an external car battery to provide power for your GPS. These batteries are typically small and compact, so they’re easy to carry when needed.

12. Use a car charger – If you’re using your GPS device in the car, using a car charger will help keep the battery charged for extended periods.


A car tracker’s battery is a component of a Car tracker that one can unavoidably ignore. As such, you must take care of it and ensure that the battery is powered at all times. Tips that will help you take care of your car tracker’s battery have been listed above, do well to stick to them.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the price for the envisioned product?

The gpsnvision product is $147 and offers an 80% discount for customers who pay by credit card or PayPal within ten days of purchase.

Can I use my GPS tracker in other countries?

The GPS trackers work worldwide, but please be aware that some features might not work in certain areas.

How long does the battery last on a car tracker?

The battery life on our GPS trackers varies depending on usage. However, we offer a 12-month warranty on all our devices, so if your device stops working, we will replace it free of charge.

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