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Do cars have built-in trackers

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 Are you in doubt if cars have a built-in car tracker? Well, you may have been weighing the possibility of a car having a tracker attached to it right from the manufacturing company.

As you already knew before know, car tracking technology is an improved way cars can be monitored irrespective of where they are on the globe. This article is shall be covering every question you have about cars having built-in trackers.

Do cars have built-in trackers?

Modern cars are now being equipped with built-in tracking technology that can track their whereabouts. This is a new way for companies to gather data about drivers and passengers, which will allow them to tailor the in-car experience to the driver’s habits. The car can’t be tracked if it does not have a built-in tracker, which means that this technology is being retrofitted into older cars and even into rental cars.

What types of cars have built-in trackers?

There are many types of cars that have built-in trackers. This includes luxury cars, sports cars, and even family vehicles .A lot of people are not aware that their car is equipped with a tracker. The purpose of these trackers is to allow the owner and manufacturer to monitor how the vehicle is being driven and for how long. The tracker can also be used to locate the vehicle in case it is stolen or if there are any emergencies.

Car owners should know that these trackers may have a negative impact. The most popular car brand to have this feature is BMW, which includes GPS and a cellular connection in its models.

Reasons not to get a car with a built-in tracker

The fact that the car can be tracked by anyone who has access to a computer or phone is very disturbing. A lot of people are concerned that someone may use this technology against them, especially if they are in a relationship with someone who is jealous or controlling. Another known fact is that this technology can be used by law enforcement agencies to track cars that have been reported stolen, but it can also be used against law-abiding citizens.

There are a lot of people who do not like the idea of having their cars tracked, and there is even an online petition against it. A website called has a petition against the use of car trackers. The website says that this tracking technology is not only used by law enforcement agencies but also by insurance companies and even private investigators.

Do cars with built-in trackers require a subscription?

Surprisingly, no. A car with built-in trackers does not require a subscription service. The car has a GPS tracker that is always on, but it requires an active internet connection to track the location of the vehicle. In the case that the car is not connected to the internet, a good GPS tracker can be used to locate where the car is, but this would need the help of a tracking app.

What are the benefits of having a built-in tracker in a car?

Some people don’t like the idea of having a built-in tracker in their car. They feel that they are being watched and tracked 24/7, which is not true. The only time that a tracker would see them is if they were driving the car. It’s not like their GPS is going to be following them around everywhere in real-time. That’s not true, I think. It just knows where their car is at a particular moment. Apart from that, the only time that a tracker will be used is if there are incidents with the car, like if it’s been stolen or something.

It’s not like they are going to be getting a text saying “your car has just left your driveway.” Come and get it.” That’s funny. What the tracker does is it stores all the information that has been gathered by their car, like where they have driven to and when.

So, if you have a tracker in your car and you are involved in an accident, then the insurance company will know where you were at that time. They can help you if you are innocent and prove that you were somewhere else.

Are there any privacy concerns with a car’s built-in trackers?

Some car owners may be curious as some consumers are concerned that the information may be used by insurance companies to determine premiums. Indeed, privacy has become a major issue in the digital age. To that effect, currently, before any data is processed, your insurance company in charge is required to notify drivers if they are being tracked or allowing them to opt-out. It is not clear how many people actually do so. The car industry says it does not track individual drivers and that the information is used for safety purposes.


In summary, car trackers which are built-in are less cost expensive because you don’t spend much on maintenance, unlike the regular car trackers.

If you have any challenge as regards your whereabouts being tracked, you have the full charge to write to your insurance company or the car manufacturer asking them to unsubscribe you from their tracking list (be it for good or bad).

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