Tips on Cerakote Headlight Restoration Kit

Tips on Cerakote headlight restoration Kit
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Cerakote is not just a product, it’s a brand name. It’s more than just a coating that protects your headlights from scratches and rust. Cerakote is a way of life. It gives you peace of mind and allows you to live your life without worrying about what your vehicle looks like on the outside. Imagine having smooth, beautiful paint on every part of your car! That’s exactly what Cerakote can do for you!

Cerakote is an automotive coating that can be applied to headlights for a brighter, longer lasting light. This coating also does not fade and protects against the elements. In this article we will cover the steps needed to restore your headlights using Cerakote.

Cerakote Headlight Restoration

Cerakote is a ceramic coating that is used to protect and restore the appearance of various surfaces. It’s a great option for restoring headlights, as it provides high performance and durability that will last for years.

Cerakote is applied by hand rather than automated processes. This allows technicians to provide custom treatments and coatings specific to your vehicle, as well as ensure that each job is done with precision and care.

Steps to a Better Headlight Restoration with Cerakote

Use a solvent to remove the old coating.

Use a solvent to remove any dirt, grease or oil.

Use a solvent to remove any water or soap residue. Soap residue can make the Cerakote come out blotchy in some places and streaky in others if you don’t get it off well enough before putting down your new coat of headlights protection!

Use a solvent to remove any sanding dust from your headlights after you’ve sanded out all of the defects (scratches) on them with 600 grit sandpaper or equivalent level of grit (higher is better).

Purchase the right products

Before you begin, it’s important to make sure you have all of the supplies needed to restore your headlights. Your local auto parts store should carry everything that you need, but if they don’t, we recommend going online or checking out your local hardware store.

Use a light primer coat first

The first thing that most people do is use a light primer coat on their headlights so they can get rid of any oily residue left behind by previous coats of paint or other materials used in restoration projects. If the original coating was not done correctly or was done with an oil-based solvent which has deteriorated over time due to exposure from weather elements like rain and snow (as well as sunlight), this step will help remove anything remaining from earlier attempts at restoring them before applying another layer of protective coating with ceramic finish such as Cerakote brand products sold at [insert website address here].

Gather your tools and inspect the headlight

The first thing you’ll need to do is gather your tools and inspect the headlight. You’ll want to make sure that the headlight isn’t cracked or damaged in any way, as this can affect how well it will take paint.

Once you have inspected the headlight, move onto inspecting all of its components. These include:

Lens (be sure not to scratch!)  Housing

Electrical connections – You need to check for corrosion on these, as it can cause damage if left untreated.

Bulbs – Be sure they are not cracked or damaged in any way

Remove the lens or lenses from the housing

Remove the lens or lenses from the housing: Using a screwdriver, remove all of the screws on your headlight. Once you’ve removed them all, tap at the edges of your headlight with rubber mallet to loosen and detach it from its housing if necessary. Once you have done this, be sure to thoroughly clean off any residue from around each screw hole with alcohol wipes or a towel dampened with warm water and soap.

Remove the old coating using a solvent

Once you’ve decided to go ahead with the restoration, it’s time to remove the old coating. You want to use a solvent that is recommended for use with the coating and that is safe for all of your parts. With Cerakote, this means using something like acetone . These are both safe for paint and glass, but they’re also super effective at removing gunk from these materials when used correctly (and in ways other solvents won’t work).

Clean the headlights with a solution that is not oil-based

The first step to restoring your headlights is to clean them. A good non-oil based solution is the way to go here. Degreasers are also great for this task as they remove any dirt or grime that may be on your headlight.

Cleaners like Simple Green are a great choice for this purpose because it’s a safe product that will not damage the glass of your headlights when used correctly, and it can even be used on other parts of the car such as paint or plastic trim pieces if necessary. Dry off water and soap residue.

If you’ve just cleaned your headlights with soap, water and a microfiber cloth, it’s time to dry off the excess liquid. This will prevent water droplets from forming when Cerakote is applied to your headlight lens. It should be noted that some customers report that drying the headlight lens with a hair dryer works better than using a microfiber cloth—the latter tends to leave behind residue that can cause streaking in the coating.

It’s also important to remove any residual paint stripper or other adhesive coatings before applying Cerakote. Mask parts of the light that do not need spraying.

You can use masking tape to cover up parts of your headlights that you don’t want to get Cerakote-coated. Use a marker to mark off areas that need to be covered, and then use rulers or other straight lines as guides for where to place your tape. Make sure that the distance between each piece of masking tape is consistent so that your final product is even and symmetrical! It’s also important not to have too much space between pieces of masking tape because air may get trapped behind them, creating bubbles in your finished product. To avoid this problem, simply wet down each piece with water before placing it onto your light fixture so it sticks better.

Use alloy wheels masking tape to seal off any other areas that need covering up before spraying.

Use masking tape to seal off any other areas that need covering up before spraying. I used alloy wheels masking tape as it is non-oil based, which means it won’t absorb any of the paint you’re trying to apply and ruin your work. Sometimes when working on a car or motorcycle, it’s easy to forget just how little space there actually is around certain parts of the vehicle – so take care not to get too carried away with this step! Sand and clean headlight lens one last time.

Use a fine grade sandpaper to sand the headlight lens one last time. Use a clean cloth or paper towel to wipe off any dust that remains on the headlight lens after sanding it.

Use a clean water solution to wipe off any remaining dirt from your headlights (you can use Windex), then dry them with a clean cloth or paper towel. Apply light primer coats first; let dry completely before moving forward. Apply light primer coats first; let dry completely before moving forward.

Apply second coat of primer, and let dry completely. Apply first coat of Cerakote, and let dry completely (this may take longer than the previous two steps).

Apply second coat of Cerakote, and let dry completely (this will take even longer than the previous step). A ceramic coating like Cerakote can make your headlights a lot brighter and longer lasting.

Cerakote is a ceramic coating that’s durable and long lasting. It’s easy to apply, repair, and remove if you ever want to go back to your original headlights.

Cerakote comes in many colors including blue, green, pink and orange! And it looks great!

A great way to restore your headlights is by using the Cerakote headlight restoration kit. It’s an amazing sealant that can keep your headlights looking new for years! Read Also : Tips on GM Power Steering Fluid

Cerakote is a great product for restoring headlights because it’s a sealant and will protect them from the elements. It’s also super easy to apply, so you’ll be able to do it yourself!


Cerakote is a unique product that has been created by DuPont to offer a high quality sealant that can be used on pretty much anything. It’s a great alternative to paint because it won’t chip or peel just like regular paint would over time. Plus, it looks really cool when applied correctly! If you need some help with your headlights then why not give us call today? We have everything you could ever need at our location and we’re always happy to help out someone new who wants something done right!

We hope that this article was able to provide you with some helpful information on how to get your headlights restored. If you have any more questions or comments, please feel free to let us know!

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