Silicon Valley From 2014 to 2019 In Details

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A group of programmers in Silicon Valley launch a tech firm centered on a breakthrough compression technology in the HBO comedy series Silicon Valley. It is comparable to The Big Bang Theory if it were made for grownups who can appreciate nuance and don’t require a laugh track to let them know when jokes meant for an audience with a chimpanzee-like aggregate IQ are being made.

They can get away with dark humor, sexual innuendo, and the f-word (if that’s still a taboo these days) since it’s HBO and was created by Mike Judge (Office Space and King of The Hill), which, in my opinion, makes the show much more entertaining. But certainly not everyone will enjoy it.

The sitcom has six seasons, so if you have some free time and want to sit back and laugh at folks with big personalities discussing programming and startups, as well as experience the exaggerated tech cliques of Silicon Valley firms like Google and Facebook, then this is the show for you! BLUE, ALWAYS.

Mr. Robot, 8. (2015-2019)

hacktivist anarchists. Must I say more? Since there weren’t any major stars in Mr. Robot when it initially debuted, I didn’t know many people who were aware of it (Rami Malek was hardly known back then). It has undoubtedly acquired notoriety and accolades since then. Despite having a smaller budget than other shows, it is nevertheless very well written, unique, and thought-provoking.

I thought the first season had a Matrix-like feel to it. A crew of anarchist hackers and a cyber security engineer named Elliot (Rami Malek) are drawn from the corporate world into the shadowy underworld where they expose corporate malfeasance. All the while, Elliot must deal with his paranoia and delusions, which combine to create a confused reality. You’ll also enjoy how the vice president of engineering is presented; it reminds me of many bosses I know.

Snowden 9. (2016)

Snowden was never on my radar because I’m not a big fan of biopics, but this week I had myself watch it because it kept coming up and was getting good reviews. I was surprised to find that I liked it. His career and personal history served as a prelude to the story that was just as fascinating as what we now know about NSA leaker Edward Snowden.

Oliver Stone, who previously directed Platoon and Wall Street, was in charge of directing Snowden, which includes some of Nicolas Cage’s famously bombastic performance. This film and The Fifth Estate have a lot in common because they both deal with issues like government overreach and digital privacy. However, because Snowden comes from a completely different background than Assange, it is more concerned with a personal moral dilemma than with journalistic ethics and objectivity.

I was also unaware that Edward Snowden, who leaked information on the US government, was 29 years old. I hardly have the ability to reveal my ex-infidelity, wife’s much less the entire industrial-military complex.

The IT crowd, 10. (2006-2013)

Even though you’ve undoubtedly already seen the popular British sitcom The IT Crowd, I’m including it on my list just in case. I know you haters, but obviously an IT help desk isn’t the same as programming. It is included for two reasons: first, it adds some comic relief to this otherwise serious filmography, and second, it completes the list, making it an appealing even ten.

Two tech nerds who work for Reynholm Industries are the subject of the British sitcom The IT Crowd. They hire a new manager who doesn’t have experience in technology, and the two of them end up in a lot of humorous situations. You may have watched The Mighty Boosh or Toast of London; it features several well-known actors and similar situational humor, which is a welcome change from comedy today.

These television shows and movies are simply in my top ten, not in any specific order. Whichever one you think is the best of all time, I’ll let you decide (if that even exists). You can call me out if you think I missed a really good one or if you entirely disagree with my assessment. There is certainly opportunity to add more items to this list.

Which is that? You’re looking for intelligent, profound developer entertainment set in this world. You could look at some of Honeypot’s developer documentaries or this collection of films that we compiled. Or perhaps you want to relive the excitement of the initial Matrix? Not the current delivery of cold soup (Matrix 4), but rather something a little more hacker-like? then look at the list of the best hacker movies.

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