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Car Battery Died With Interlock: How to Fix it

Car battery died with interlock: how to fix it
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Have you ever had your car battery die while driving down the road? It happens more often than we’d like to admit. It would help if you got to a mechanic fast when your car battery died. And that means you need to find a mechanic with experience working on cars with interlocks. But finding a mechanic who knows how to work on these vehicles is not as easy as you might think. This guide will teach you exactly how to find a reputable mechanic who works on cars with interlocks and how to make sure he fixes your vehicle correctly. We will also explain why you should never trust any auto shop that doesn’t specialize in working on cars with interlock systems.

In addition, you’ll learn the exact steps to take if your car needs repairs after your battery dies and how to avoid common problems that may arise from using an unqualified mechanic.

Car battery died with interlock: how to fix it

Interlocks are used to prevent the theft of vehicles. They are installed on cars to stop the vehicle from running without permission. If the car battery dies with the ignition switch locked, then there is no way to start the engine. This happens due to the low voltage in the car battery.


There are two types of interlocks: mechanical and electronic. Mechanical interlocks require physical keys to unlock them, while electronic interlocks do not.

Mechanical interlocks are very common. They are easy to install and inexpensive. However, they are also prone to wear and tear.

Electronic interlocks are much better because they are less likely to fail. But sometimes, they can malfunction.

  • When the car battery dies with an interlock engaged, the only way to start the engine is to remove the key from the ignition. You can check the status of your interlock by pressing the door lock button. The light will turn green if the interlock is disabled.
  • To disable the interlock, press the door lock button again. The light will turn red if the interlock is enabled.
  • If the light turns red, the interlock is broken or stuck in the ON position. In both cases, you’ll need to replace the interlock.
  • Check the manual of your car to see how to disassemble the interlock. Then follow the instructions provided to re-install the interlock.

Be aware that removing the interlock may void the warranty on your vehicle. You may want to call your dealer before attempting this repair.

What to do if your Car Battery Dies with Interlock

If your car battery dies with an interlock, then you’re stuck until you find a way to recharge it. Fortunately, there are many ways to fix this problem.

One option is to use jumper cables. Jumper cables work because they connect two cars and allow electricity to flow between them.

Another option is to jump your car battery with a charging station. These stations are designed to keep your car battery charged when it’s dead.

Finally, you can use a portable generator. Portable generators are small enough to fit in your trunk and are perfect for emergencies.

In short, a spare car battery is essential to ensure you don’t lose all of your driving power. So if your car battery dies with the interlock system, try these options to fix the problem.

Possible reasons why car battery dies with interlock

Interlock systems are designed to prevent cars from being stolen. They work by preventing the car from starting unless the driver has the correct key fob. Many drivers hate interlocks because they make it difficult to start their cars. But most people don’t realize that interlocks also protect against battery drain. Interlock systems are responsible for saving millions of dollars in battery costs each year. Do you know what an interlock system is? It is a device installed in vehicles to prevent the vehicle from starting unless the ignition key is present. This device prevents car theft and ensures that the car remains safe.

You should read on if you’ve never heard of interlock ignition. Here’s why your car battery might be dying and how you can fix it.

1. Overheating

It is expected that after driving a long distance, the battery dies due to overheating. If the temperature gets too high, the electrolyte inside the battery starts oxidizing, causing the battery to swell up. This causes the terminals to touch each other, shorting out the circuit. To avoid this problem, do not leave the engine running for an extended period. In addition, turn off the air conditioning vents when the engine is turned off.

2. Faulty wiring

Sometimes faulty wiring can lead to the failure of the interlock system. Check the fuses and relays to find out whether the wiring is faulty. Check the voltage level, continuity, and resistance of the wires.

3. Bad contact

Another reason your car battery could have died is terrible contact between the terminals. The terminals are usually made of copper or brass. If there is corrosion on the terminals, the electrical connection will be poor. It would help if you cleaned the terminals with alcohol before installing them into the battery.

4. Improper Maintenance

The condition of the battery itself can cause the interlock system to fail. The battery should be checked regularly. A dead battery can be replaced quickly. However, a good battery can last for years. So, it pays to keep the battery well maintained. Improper maintenance is one of the most common reasons for dead car batteries. If you don’t maintain your car correctly, then you may face issues related to the battery. 

5. Overcharing

Overcharging is another major cause of dead car batteries. As mentioned above, if you leave your vehicle unattended for a long time, then it will consume the battery.

Therefore, you should avoid leaving your vehicle unattended. Moreover, it would help if you charged your car battery only after using it for a specific time.

6. Low-Quality Batteries

Low-quality batteries are another major cause of dead batteries. These batteries are usually cheap, and they contain lead. These batteries are dangerous for your health. Therefore, you should always buy good-quality batteries.

7. Bad alternator

This problem may occur if the battery has been disconnected from the alternator or the alternator has failed. The battery should be checked regularly and charged correctly. There are many other causes of the dead battery. For example, if there is a problem with the alternator, you may face a dead battery.

Tips for taking care of your car battery

• Check the condition of the battery.

• Make sure that the terminals are well connected.

• Avoid using any jumper cables.

• Replace the battery after every six months.

• Never leave the key in the ignition position.

• Use an auto charger to charge the battery.

• Never connect a jump starter to the battery.

• Check the connections between the battery and the alternator.

• Check the connection between the battery and the fuse box.


In conclusion, the car battery tends to die when the vehicle goes through a cold weather period. This is because the battery is designed to keep the engine warm. However, if the battery dies, the engine won’t run properly.

To avoid this problem, it’s essential to check the battery regularly. You should change the battery every year. If you leave the old battery in your vehicle too long, the electrolytes inside will leak out and cause corrosion. That’s what happens when the battery dies. So, if you notice anything strange going on with your battery, call someone who knows what they’re doing. They can help you determine whether or not you need to replace the battery.

 Frequently asked questions

Can I jump-start my car with an interlock device?

Yes, you can jump-start your car with an interlock device. It’s a process where you put a battery charger (or jumper cables) in your car and charge the dead battery using a source of electricity like a wall socket. Then you remove the dead battery from the car and replace it with a fully charged one. There are two ways to jump-start your car with an interlocking device.

Can I disconnect the battery with an interlock?

Yes, you can disconnect your battery with an interlock system. However, before trying this, you should check your owner’s manual to see if your vehicle has an interlock system installed. Some vehicles don’t have these systems installed, and others may require special tools to remove the system. In either case, you should contact your local dealership or mechanic to find out whether or not you can disconnect your battery without breaking any laws.

Yes, you can disconnect your battery with an interlock system. However, before trying this, you should check your owner’s manual to see if your vehicle has an interlock system installed. Some vehicles don’t have these systems installed, and others may require special tools to remove the system.  

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